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Munching in Maui: Part 4

January 28, 2015

I do realize that WIAW should be about what you ate on Wednesday so from now on I will post what I actually eat on Wednesday! In my defense, I’m usual super boring food-wise on Wednesdays and I only have breakfast and lunch by the time I post so this is wayyy more interesting (to me at least)!

Anyways, in my last post I promised horses, crepes and craters, and so that is what you shall receive! If you’re a new reader, I am covering a week Maui trip that I went on about two weeks ago. I had so many photos that it needed to be a four-part post, so click here to check out the first three!

I left off at the Grand Wailea Waldorf Astoria Resort where I was incapacitated by a bee sting. Now we shall travel to a more remote part of Maui by taking the Road to Hana, to Hana which is a small town on the Eastern end of the island. We took a kind of funny route from Wailea to Hana because we stopped in Paia to grab snacks from Mana Foods AGAIN  (I swear dad dropped a couple hundo there at least!)


Before you all pack up and rush to Maui , you best be warned about the ‘Road to Hana’ section of the Hana highway.

It is the most dangerous, terrifying, fun, beautiful and sleep-inducing two and a half-ish hour drive ever. The road is filled with hairpin turns, sharp corners, cliffs and many parts go from two lanes into one without visual confirmation that there is no one speeding around the corner to take you out. Let’s just say it takes a lot of faith in your driver and the other drivers. Of course I trust my dad but there were a few “JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL!” moments. The ride there was a lot scarier than the ride back when we knew what to expect though. Plus windy roads always make me sleepy so I was semi-drugged by sleepiness the whole way (or maybe that was just the bee sting benadryl!).

When y’all go to Maui and drive on this road I hope you don’t think I’m a big sissy! Personally, cars kind of scare me and I hate driving on the highway so I’m probably more nervous than most. I know my boyfriend would probably have the time of his life driving it in stick shift! If I had to drive the Road to Hana I would be going at such a snail’s pace that someone would probably purposefully take me off the road! : 0

On the other hand, the Road to Hana is very beautiful and there are a million things to do just of the highway like waterfalls, hikes, food and fruit stands, and botanical gardens. On the way there we needed to kind of hurry so we could set up our tent at Wai’anapanapa State Park before it got dark so we didn’t stop but on the way back we did (see later in this post)!

Road to Hana view 1

 Our little one-night camping adventure went un-pictured for various reasons:

1) it was raining

2) I was grumpy because my dad brought his dirty, moth-eaten 30 year old tent that smells like old cats

3) old tent has holes + rain storm = valuables like my iphone go into dry clean rental car

To his credit, after spending the night restlessly dozing in and out of sleep as puddles formed near his head and a musty aroma filled his lungs, my dad realized that it was time to let go of his good ol’ tent. So, in the morning we debated just leaving it there, all set up, still but settled on taking it down and stuffing it into the campsite’s trash bin.  Unfortunately, I saw Wai’anapanapa’s beautiful black-sand beach only briefly, and since it was kind of cold and wet we decided to pack up and drive into Hana to explore.

Fortunately our day brightened when we saw a woman working at a small horse barn down the road while we ate papaya breakfast bowls at a park bench. So we meandered over and asked her about her well-groomed horses. Turns out, a local hotel offers hour long horse rides along the coast! The only place in Maui that does a coastal horse trail. From the second me and lucky (the chestnut-colored horse) locked eyes I knew we had to do it, luckily my dad wanted to as well so we changed into pants and got going. By the way, I have never ridden a horse before so it was a bit intimidating at first but Lucky is so well-behaved it was easy peasy!

Dad and I horseback riding BETTER

 My posture is terrible in this one but it shows Lucky’s good side so I stuck it in anyways.

Dad and I horseback 2

 It was 9am when we left even though it looks like dusk in the picture below. We headed off to trample around Oprah’s property (not a house just some land)!

horseback riding Hana

 It was only my dad and I, a couple and a very passionate horsey ringleader who was born and raised in Hana.

horseback 2


My horse lucky is such a gentleman, he waited for all the other horses to finish drinking before he shyly edged his way in. I gave him some good pets while he waited his turn.

Horses Hawaii


These horses live a pretty good life, they only work (give rides) for 2 hours a day and spend the rest of the time grazing, getting groomed and eating treats!

horseback in Hana

Lucky is a real handsome fella isn’t he?

Horseback riding 4

Horses are such beautiful animals, you can see so much emotion in those eyes. I wish I could have one! After we hopped off, Lucky and I took a few selfies and I’m pretty sure Lucky enjoyed it!

Lucky the Horse BETTERLucky 2Me and Lucky!

Other horseys Hana

 After our horse ride, dad and I got on the Road to Hana again and started heading back to Paia. One place we needed to stop was the famous Coconut Glenn’s coconut ice cream shack. The woman working there was a bit odd, very in your face personality but the ice cream was soooo good! All the ice cream is vegan and made from coconut milk. They have a variety of flavors like lilikoi, chocolate, chocolate toffee and others. If you read any of my last few posts you know that I a lilikoi (passion fruit) obsessed BUT I tried a bit and decided to go for chocolate and classic coconut instead because it was double chocolate and it is called “Coconut Glenn’s”

Coconut Glen's Ice Cream, Road to Hana, Maui 2

 The coconut was good but the double chocolate really hit the spot. It’s creamy and almost fluffy with chunks of dark chocolate and a light cocoa taste. I heard that they serve the ice cream in coconut shell bowls with a coconut shell spoon so that was my main motive to visit but instead the kooky lady served us in paper cones that started to fall apart midway through! That was a little disappointing.  Something tells me she’s not the regular host (maybe Coconut Glenn’s girlfriend?) though so I still suggest going!

Coconut Glen's Ice Cream, Road to Hana, Maui

We weren’t in too much of a hurry this time on the Road to Hana so we made a few easy stops (although stopping at all on this super narrow road is definitely a risk to your life!)

Road to Hana waterfall 2 BETTER

 We saw a dirt road that probably went down to this exclusive beach but it looked a bit non-rental car approved so we skipped it (this time)!

road to hana beachRoad to Hana view 4

My dad’s friend recommended a stop at Maui Kombucha in Haiku (a few minutes from Paia). I love me some kombucha and a dad hopped on the kombucha train as well so we gave it a try. It’s little hard to find but cute on the inside and has extremely healthy food and drink options. I chose the lilikoi kombucha (surprise surprise). Some kombucha has cane sugar added but this stuff is legit and strong!

Maui Kombucha, Maui

 With kombucha in hand, we continued on our way until we saw this viewpoint and beach so we pulled over for a quick photoshoot

Kyla on road to hana

 We saw some green sea turtles napping on the beach!

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles

More turtles lazily dragged themselves up onto the sand and a few minutes later a turtle conservationist came and out up signs to make sure people stayed more then 15 feet away.

sea turtles Maui

 Back in my favorite Maui town, Paia. It’s little hippy but I like it more than the cruise stop towns.

Paia, Maui downtown

We tried to stay at this cute hotel below but the only available “room” they had was a little house/suite thing that cost $600/night! A little out of our budget.

paia inn maui

We heard about another hotel in town and stumbled upon this beautiful alley mural while trying to find it.

paia street art

The hotel is called Nalu Kai Lodge, I didn’t even look it up reviews before we stopped in to ask about a room. Mostly because we we’re kinda desperate.

Nalu Kai Lodge outside

 There’s our baby blue rental car 🙂 There are some gorgeous houses along the water behind this alley!

Nalu Kai side of lodge

The lodge is very natural looking and fits well into Paia’s hippy vibe.

Nalu Kai Property 2

 I’m loving the jungle-like atmosphere especially this waterfall and pond in the courtyard of the hotel. They also have an outdoor shower made of lava rock for beach-goers but it is in sight of anyone who comes through the front gate so keep your swimsuit on!

Nalu Kai Lodge property waterfall

This is the communal dining/lounging area. I saw the owner and manager eating dinner here a few times, it gives a nice homey feel to the lodge.

Nalu Kai Lodge property

I like this ceiling fan!

Nalu Kai lodge details

The cute courtyard again

Nalu Kai Lodge Property view

I actually loved our tiny little room. It was on the second floor and clearly doesn’t offer a lot of privacy but would be great for a romantic trip with anyone besides your dad ha ha. I love the little touches like flowers on the beds/sink and macadamia nuts on the towels.

Nalu Kai Lodge Paia Maui

hotel flower maui

While the room was tiny, it had a lot of detail and character!

Bathroom tile Nalu Kai Lodge mauicute little bathroom Nalu kai LodgeMaui soap paia

room Nalu Kai LodgeNalu Kai Lodge policies  Nalu kai hotel room view

Nalu kai Jungle

 If you can’t stand the crowded beach, you can sneak up to the empty rooftop patio and take a snooze in the sun in peace!

Nalu kai Lodge roof patio

 After the long drive from Hana to Paia, we decided to hit the beach. Paia has a really nice beach 2 minutes from the main street/our hotel, although the waves are a bit rougher on this side because it’s the North Shore of Maui, a very famous surfing area!

dad on hana beach maui

Since neither my dad nor I surf, we brought our beach towels and laid out to catch some rays. I dipped into the water for a few minutes (with a cover-up because it was a little chilly out!)….

kyla maui

 And got slammed by a wave…Serves me right for hanging by the shore!

kyla on hana beach 2

The ocean is so powerful,  it scares me a bit!

kyla hana beach 2

 So I tried to take artsy photos of the brave surfers

hana beach sand

 After a bit on the beach we both got hungry and headed to Flatbread Company right near our hotel on the main street in Paia. We got a salad, half meaty pizza and half pesto/kalamata. It was okay. From the great reviews I expected really good flatbread (aka pizza!) but it was just decent. I;m not sure what didn’t make it that great but my World Pizza in the International District Seattle beats this ANYTIME.

Flatbread Company, Paia, Maui

Afterwards I wanted to try some gelato from Ono Gelato Company since the reviews are really good. They have locations in Lahaina and Kihei too.  Let me tell you, it is delicious!! Especially Sandy Beach, peanut buttery with a crunch of sweet coconut and graham cracker and a little salt to balance out the sweetness. The dark chocolate sorbet was reallly dark chocolate and you definitely only need a small cup because it’s so rich. Drool with me people!

Ono Gelato Company BETTER , Paia, MauiOno Gelato Company Paia

Out last day in Maui came upon us almost as fast as our first day. Our flight left on Wednesday night around 10pm  (agh red eye!) so luckily we had a full day pretty much left in Paia. As an early lunch we tried another highly recommended joint, the Paia Fish Market. Since we were determined to find some amazing fish tacos, dad and I split the Mahi Mahi fish tacos (2 tacos w/fries). It was pretty packed in the small restaurant so you had to squeeze in to find a seat. I would go either before the lunch rush or after next time!

paia fish market 1

Paia fish market 2

Let’s taco about this tacos. Were they delicious? Yes. Would I eat them again, perhaps 3 or 4 of them? Yes. Should you go here? Yes. The fish was much more flavorful than the other fish tacos we had and the homemade tarter sauce added a real punch of flavor also. We got the Cajun spice rubbed Mahi Mahi so maybe that’s why it was so good! The fries are good solid fries and I definitely recommend this place, I’m sad we only got to try one thing there! If you are looking for a snack, split one plate of two fish tacos. Otherwise get one plate per person.

paia fish market tacos 4

Sorry my pictures are slightly blurry, I guess my hands were trembling in anticipation of the tacos ha ha!

paia fish market tacos

Somehow I ended up holding a pineapple, Maui kombucha and some local oranges while wearing a lei, so obviously I made my dad take a picture of this quintessential Hawaiian tourist!

Kyla in Paia Kyla in paia 2

I know you’re thinking “gosh do they ever stop eating??” and no, we don’t ever stop eating. Luckily my dad is a foodie too so we can eat foreverrrrr together! So we went back to the BEST restaurant in Maui (in my opinion), Cafe des Amis! They have the best crepes I’ve ever eaten, good service and not too $ either.

cafe des amis paia maui

I love how they have fresh fruit around the counter always! As you can see, it’s a casual affair.

cafe des amis, Paia, Maui

They have a beautiful patio (good because the inside is teeny!)

cafe des amis outdoor patio

I circled everything I tried there for you guys!  Not very much but we did go three times!

cafe des amis menu Maui 2.0

Dad and I knew we would regret it if we didn’t try one of their sweet crepes so we went for a banana, strawberry, nutella crepe with homemade cream.

cafe des amis sweet crepe

Holy smokes. Amazing. The cream was the best part is was not too sweet but still rich and buttery and the crepe was thin, slightly chewy and filled with sweet nutella and fresh strawberry sauce. Disclaimer: If you’re mouth isn’t watering right now, you may be not be a human and should probably see a doctor ; )

Sweet crepe 2

I’ll just give y’all some more beauty shots 🙂

sweet nutella crepe

sweet crepe homemade whipped cream

sweet crepe

The not-so-pretty aftermath!

sweet crepe aftermath

After our crepe extravaganza, we went to Mana Foods AGAIN to grab some snacks for the day. I saw these cute macaroons and took them home to Seattle with me! They are made by Mana Foods and really delicious!

Mana foods macaroons

 Dad got me some bee pollen popcorn. It’s pretty good, just a little sweeter than usual! I already drown my popcorn in nutritional yeast but the cayenne added a nice flavor.

Mana foods bee pollen popcorn

And…of course some more kombucha! This one had kind of a lot of sugar but was really tasty!

Mango kombuchakombucha mango maui

I wore my lei for the whole last day and then dramatically flung it into a tree as we left for the airport!

kyla lei maui

I’m almost embarrassed to type this but we went back to Cafe des Amis for dinner on our last night…Even though we were there only a few hours earlier for the sweet crepe. Before we went dad and I discussed the possibility of them having the same staff as lunch but decided they probably wouldn’t and it’s worth the slight embarrassment anyways ha ha.

Dad got the seafood stew and said it was good but he wished he got another crepe because he thinks those are slightly better.

Cafe des amis seafood stew

He did get some delicious toasted bread and a vegan garlic-saffron aoili that tasted like heaven.

cafe des amis vegan garlic saffron aoili

I went for the Italian lentil, tomato stew, pesto and mozzarella crepe. It was the best one I had there. Just an amazing amount of flavor and I love that they put sour cream with each savory crepe too. I want this right now so bad!

Cafe des amis savory crepe

And that, my friends, is the end of our grand Maui trip!I know that took a lot of post but I hope you all enjoyed them and I hope they weren’t too long to read!

I’ll leave you with this picture of my toes that I thought was artsy, but maybe don’t look if you don’t like toes.

toes in sandy beach hana

And this beautiful Hawaiian flower

hawaiian flower

And a pensive photo of me walking towards the water!

kyla on the beach hana

I guess I have to get back to my less-interesting Seattle food pictures! Today for breakfast I had frosted shredded wheat cereal (and more than one serving!) and for lunch I’m having almond butter and jam on rice cakes!

What’s your favorite cereal?

Have you ever ridden a horse? Where and when and did you love it?

Do you make crepes? What’s your favorite crepe filling?

Thanks for hosting WIAW Jenn and thank you for reading through all my Maui posts guys!


Friday Favorites


January 23, 2015

Friday Favorites Banner

Hello! I am brand new to the Friday Favorites link-up hosted by the wonderful Housewife Glamour, so I hope you enjoy my post!

1) These cute Nordstrom BP Booties, in black and/or grey leather (looks more tan to me Nordstrom!)


2) This Buzzfeed article about Seattle, I agree with most all of it! (Image from my office’s view!)

4) Madagascar Vanilla Kind Bars! I got a box from Costco and they are my favorite flavor yet, and I feel good about them only having 4 grams of sugar instead of around 12 grams in the fruit & nut bars.

5) Cute outfits I am obsessed with from Pinterest

So simple and classic

Found on

coral + navy

Found on

outfit inspiration for fall

Found on

6) This super cereal-y cake, from Becca Bakes, that would be SO fun to make (and eat)!


Photo from by photography

7) The best mascara in the whole world, Bobbi Brown ‘Smokey Eye”

8) This awesome workout video by Jillian Michaels (for beginner-intermediate gym bunnies)

9) Things that make people laugh:

Existential cat


Janice, there's a loose thread hanging from my office chair; clear my schedule.

What is your favorite Kind bar flavor?

What is your favorite new (or old) can’t-live-without make-up product?

If you like what you see, (which I hope you do!) please do check out my other posts! Like my trip review of going to Maui for New Year’s HERE.

Thanks for hosting Housewife Glamour and for reading my first of many Friday Favorites post!



WIAW: Munching in Maui Part Three

January 21, 2015


Welcome to Part Three of my Maui overview. Whew! With the amount of pictures I have I’m going to need to make a part four too so I hope you guys aren’t getting bored with this long overview! I left off with a horsey picture but that will actually happen in part four.

After staying at the Lahaina Inn we decided to boldly have breakfast at The Gazebo which is in Napili along the shore. I say boldly because, well, the Gazebo opens at 7:30am and has about an hour and a half wait line usually! Most people get there at 6:30am to get the first seats. Dad and I however did not wake up in time and arrived a little after 7:30. The line was already wrapped around the gazebo! The restaurant is a cute, airy gazebo with only maybe 50 seats maximum so that explains the wait time. They are famous for their white chocolate macadamia nut pancakes so we HAD to try them!

Gazebo, maui menuthe gazebo, Maui

This little gazebo restaurant is literally on the beach!

The Gazebo View, Maui

We ordered the Kula veggie omelette and the white chocolate macadamia nut pancakes to share.

omelette and toast, The Gazebo, Maui  Famous Maui Pancakes, white chocolate macadamia nut

The pancakes were fluffy and cakey with chunks of sweet white chocolate and crunchy macadamia nuts cooked within. But the real star of this dish is the whipped cream on top! I don’t know how they make it but the whipped cream has a marshmallow creme texture (does anyone else love marshmallow creme like me?!) and a white chocolate flavor but very subtle and not too sweet.  The pancakes didn’t need syrup but they had coconut syrup so I tried that and it was delicious!

white chocolate macadamia nut pancakes!

The omelette was okay, a little under-seasoned and plain so I suggest the pancakes or maybe french toast!

White chocolate pancakes 3

After breakfast we headed back to  Lahaina to pack up and head to Wailea for our island resort experience. On the way we stopped by Mana Foods again for some deli meals for the hotel (pictured later). We arrived at The Grand Wailea Waldorf Astoria Resort with the sun shining and ready to swim our heart outs in one of the EIGHT pools at the hotel. Yes, eight!!

Grand Wailea Hotel

My lifelong dreams came true when a lei was lei’d upon my neck (see what i did there!?) as we entered the glitzy Grand Wailea. I know we paid a hefty resort fee that probably covers ten leis but aren’t they beautiful?!

Grand Wailea lei's

I have never seen a more grand tropical resort! I love how open the entire hotel is. It’s actually a motel-style hotel because you go outside to get to your room.

Grand Wailea pools 11

The lush foliage is incredible, I’m sure it takes millions of gallons of water to keep up but I certainly enjoyed looking at it!

Kyla at grand Wailea Waldorf Astoria

Kyla at Grand Wailea, Maui

Grand Wailea Hawaii maui


Our room was just perfect, with two large beds, a huge bathroom, and an ocean view.

Grand Wailea Maui Rooms

maui room

Look at that TV!

hotel room huge tv

hotel room bathroom

Grand Wailea Waldorf Astoria Porch

Lei from Grand Wailea

I tried to find a place for my lei but ended up putting it in the fridge hoping it would never, ever die! Looks pretty good around our Mana Foods bounty huh?

Hotel bounty of hawaiin fruits

There are ponds and even a floating restaurant (well, maybe not floating but surrounded by water) at this hotel!

Grand Wailea Waldorf Astoria Maui

Grand Wailea Resort view

After all cloudy days on my Maui trip so far, I was eager (over-eager) to get some real sun! So I lathered up in my SPF 45 multiple times and headed out to join the hoards of tan vacationers lounging by the adult pool. Of course I stick out like a sore thumb (a really really pale one!) but I still got in my bikini and stretched out on a lawn chair in a grassy area. There’s a bar by the pool and there was a football game on so dad hung out there while I got some sun. About 20 minutes later a fly landed on my hand while laying on my stomach. I brushed it off and looked down to see a very angry assailant, a wasp! Startled, I jump up and the wasp fell to the grass. I took ONE step and BAM I stepped right on the wasp with my left foot. The pain was instantaneous as many of you probably know. I shakily gathered my stuff and limped to my dad, and then to the pool desk for some bee sting medicine. The last time I got stung was around 14 when my dad kicked a soccerball into a bush and, well, it turned out to be a bee’s nest. I got 6 or 7 stings all over my body. They swelled up really bad and I couldn’t sleep for days so I really wasn’t excited for what was to come with this lovely Hawaiian bee sting.

Pool by Grand Wailea

For those interested, this the the bikini I wore basically everyday in Maui! It’s from Asos and pretty cheap for $30-ish bucks.

ASOS FULLER BUST Exclusive Cross Wrap Bikini Top DD-G

My sting didn’t feel too bad at first so I laid out a bit longer and then limped back to the room for some deli food from Mana.

mana foods deli maui

evening at Grand Wailea

Dad wanted to explore the hotel property later so I wholeheartedly limped along beside him.

Kyla at grand Wailea night

The next morning I still couldn’t really walk on my left foot so we didn’t get do the free yoga beach class or go the the hotel gym (dad wouldn’t go without me!) 🙁 but we did have an amazing breakfast. I bet you’re thinking, hotel rooms service, how nice! Nope, this beauty was made by my pops! We brought Greek yogurt, Mana granola, strawberries, oranges and papayas and asked for bowls from the hotel.

Grand Wailea Papaya breakfast

Grand wailea papaya bfast

I couldn’t stop taking pictures, it makes me hungry just looking at it!

Grand wailea papaya

We decided to eat lunch out most days so we tried the Maui Brewing Company fish tacos and they weren’t very good! The fish had little to no flavor and they were very watery.

Maui Brewing Co

To make up for the Maui Brewing Company we went to Coconut’s Fish Cafe in Kihei (only 5-10 minutes from the Grand Wailea) to try the “best fish tacos on Maui.” Are they the best fish tacos on Maui? Maybe! They are very good. BUT the homemade ones we make back in Seattle actually taste a little better to me! I was so surprised. I guess nothing beats homemade salsa, homemade slaw and hand-breaded fresh Pacific Northwest fish! But, that being said, I would be more than happy to eat 2 or 3 of these tacos anytime…

coconuts fish cafe

Coconuts fish cafe menu maui

They use 17 ingredients (including a great mango salsa/relish on top). With the double-wrap tortilla and a monstrous amount of filling these aren’t pretty to eat but real tasty! I could eat two before I was stuffed.

Coconuts fish cafe maui

Fish Tacos Coconuts Fish Cafe

After our fish taco indulgence we saw a place next door that has kombucha so we wandered (errr I mean limped) inside. It’s called Wow Wow Lemonade and they make their own kombucha and lemonade as well as super healthy bowls.

Aloha Lemonade Kihei Maui

They also had these super healthy pies so we got Lilikoi and Chocolate Coffee (which dad ate in about 5 seconds!).

Chocolate Pono pie

The un-pictured lilikoi pie was actual really good, a little tangy and cheesecakey. Both had breadfruit in them, cool!

Chocolate pie Maui

Of course I got the lilikoi kombucha.

Aloha Lilikoi Kmbucha BETTER!

Dad and I also shared a ginger-tumeric kombucha which was super refreshing! AND for only $5 you can get this cool mason jar drink bottle! I brought it home with me and am using it for smoothies.

Aloha ginger tumeric kombucha

Kombucha and Kyla

At Mana Foods we picked up a flat of coconut water for the whole trip (since we were in Hawaii!) so dad and I enjoyed sipping on it during breakfast.

Grand Wailea coconut water

On the second day at Grand Wailea I soaked up the sun with my swollen, itchy foot. By the third day my foot was still real swollen, itchy, hot and started to turn a different color than my other foot so we called around and went to an insurance-approved doctor since benadryl cream, ibuprofen and neosporin weren’t working. He gave me a stronger benadryl-like drug and something else and suggested I travel with those two drugs in the future because my reaction to bee stings might worsen! Scary. It was a shame that happened on my first day (first 20 minutes actually!!) at Grand Wailea because I didn’t get to do as much as I would’ve liked there and dad didn’t have an active partner in crime!

Grand Wailea Pools, Maui

We did end up going in almost all of the eight pools (including some kids water slides hehe), renting some hotel bikes and getting ice cream, and watching Stepbrothers on that huge TV with my pops!

sunset Grand Wailea

Come back to read more about horses, crepes and craters!

By the way for eats today I had Fage Greek yogurt with Bare Naked granola, Moosewood Cookbook Lentil Soup and tonight I will probably have lentil soup again or protein waffles.

What did you have for lunch today?

Have you ever been stung by a bee or multiple bees?

Thanks for hosting WIAW Jenn and for reading peeps!



Munching in Maui: Part Two

January 17, 2015


Hello! Let’s see where I left off….Ah yes, on the beach! With a papaya in hand where I bet we are all wishing we are right now…


 On day two we hit the beach again. It was still cloudy bit that didn’t stop dad and I from exploring!

hawaiian flower 1

There are lots of resorts along the Ka’anapali beach so we stopped by one of the outdoor bars for some water (and a overpriced beer for the pops!). We were watching a whale jump far off in the distance when something even more entertaining caught our eye. I’;m not sure what kind of bird this is and I know it’s not a duck but this bold little fella reminded me of Ping the Duck, a children’s book about a cute little ducks adventures. Hawaiian Ping kept stalking guests, drinking from the pool and walking on top of bushed bobbing and weaving for lizards.

my favorite maui duckping hawaiian duck

Next we drove through Napili, a fancy-ish resort area and came upon this beautiful  cliff area right next to the Ritz-Carlton. The waves were crashing and splashing but the coolest part is the shapes of the rocks that were formed!

Kapalua trail 1

Don’t worry, nobody is jumping in here!

Kapalua Trail Cliff Panorama 1 Kapalua Trail Cliff Panorama 2

Kapalua Trail, Maui 2

There is also this cool maze activity!

Kapalua Trail Cliff Maze Maui

Kapalua Trail, Maui part 3

Kyla + Cliff

After the short cliff jaunt we headed in the opposite direction about 45 minutes away to Paia, a small hippy town on the coast. I read about an amazing natural food store called Mana Foods on Trip Advisor so I dragged my dad there first. It is heaven. Literally heaven for any health nut or foodie. The store looks teeny from the outside but don’t let appearances fool you! It’s huge. There’s a deli area, bakery, and huge health section as well as a major grocery store. I do suggest you bring a jacket though, they keep the A/C blasting in here!


Since we didn’t have a fridge, we couldn’t get a ton of food but we got a cashew/veggie wrap, papaya, oranges, fresh juices and some unpictured fresh soup.

mana foods, Paia, maui groceries

This juice was so tasty, I’m going to recreate it at home.

Mana Fresh Juice, Maui

For just being cashew spread and vegetables my wrap was excellent.

Mana Foods Wrap

For a quick bite we also made it to Merriman’s in Napili.

Merriman's Merriman's Maui

The fish and chips were good but it was a little too much fried food for me. There were also only like three pieces of fish, the rest was fried eggplant, still good but come on!

Fish and chips at Merrimans, Maui

For dessert we shared these gooey sweet morsel:

White chocolate malasadas Merriman's Kapalua

This is the true meaning of beauty!

White Chocolate Malasada Merrimans Kapalua Maui

The view wasn’t too bad either 🙂

Merriman's Kapalua, Maui

I might be the only person to order tea on a hot Maui day but I get so cold sometimes, I needed it!

Green tea at merrimans Maui

Finally headed back to Lahaina where dad obtained a room at the historical Lahaina Inn right downtown. I was pleasantly surprised with cuteness of this room! I NEED this pineapple wallpaper. Unfortunately there were some communication issues with the hotel and we didn’t get a double bed room. My gentlemanly father let me have the bed while he took the floor with his sleeping pad and bag, luckily it was just one night.

Lahaina InnLahaina Inn, Lahaina, Maui

Lahaina Inn porch

Here’s a preview of what’s to come! Check back for part three soon!


Well, back to freezing my booty off in Seattle! Thank you for reading my long post and please stop by again for more!


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WIAW: Munching in Maui Part One

January 14, 2015


Hello! As you can tell from my post title, I have recently been munching in Maui (more like steady grazing!). My dad and I escaped on NYE for a week on the beautiful island. I wish I said we went snorkeling, paddle boarding and other active excursions but basically we just ate, ate and ate some more. That’s definitely not a bad thing, it was so fun and gorgeous and neither my dad nor I had been to Maui before (the Big Island and Oahu but not Maui!).

I have a TON of pictures so this is part one of  two or three different posts. This Friday evening I will do part two, so check back then! We basically completed a food tour of Maui and stayed in FIVE different places in one week. So if you are planning to go to Maui or wish to go in the future, these  posts will certainly offer some insight since I tried to go to the most recommended places!

On our eating Tour De Maui, let us start on the plane. One thing you should know about my dad, he has a wonderful and wily quality of getting/learning things that most people don’t. It’s hard to describe but mostly he just loves to talk to people. We joke that whoever sits next to him on planes ends up telling him their life story somehow and vice versa (which is true!). For example, the reason I study abroad in Italy in high school is because my dad talked to some lady on a plane ride, learned the name of a little-known study abroad program, helped me apply and boom, off to Italy for a year I went!

Soo…although my dad had some first-class vouchers because he flies a lot for work but I did not. He asked around and acquired some for me so that I wasn’t in the back while he lived it up first-class. What a lucky daughter I am! The food was actually surprising good, I enjoyed the salad, shrimp and actually really liked the passion fruit-ginger brulee,  even though it was more of a pudding really.

 first class menu seattle to mauifirst class saladfirst class dessert

We were on the plane for Seattle New Year’s but got to Maui around 10:30pm for their New Years. Instead of throwing on a glittery dress and hitting the town, we rented a car and drove to our accommodations, which unbeknownst to us is incredibly hard to find in the dark for lost tourists! By the time we scrambled into our a-frame, bare-bones beach cabin we were both totally pooped and ready to hit the sack (literally- our sleeping bags!). So we plopped on our cots, I zippered up my sleeping bag to my neck (in defense of any wandering insects) and we dozed off to the sounds of fireworks.

Cheap Cabins in MauiBeach Cabin in Maui

A-Frame Cabin  in Maui

Plenty of room for two and a solid cheap option for Maui! There is a bathroom with showers and a communal kitchen on the property as well. It’s called Camp Olowalu, only about 20-30 minutes from the airport.

A-frame 2

Right out the back door is the beach!

a-frame front door

The cabin has screened windows as well which allows for a good view!

a-frame view a-frame view 2

 The next day, we rose early and driven by hunger we headed into the lovely town of Lahaina in West Maui.

Lahaina, Maui Front Street

Lahaina, Maui

 Unfortunately, my phone ran out of battery and I didn’t get a picture of our first breakfast! It was early and we had no idea where anything is in Lahaina so we asked around and ended up at The Sunrise Cafe. Dad and I share a breakfast burrito and a half papaya with granola and fruit and a fruit smoothie. The burrito had too much rice but the papaya and smoothie were good! Also, the waitresses had a rather unprofessional argument in front of us after one (very nice waitress) accidentally spilled a smoothie and the other one got really mad at her.

ululanis shaved ice, MauiUlulani's Maui Menu   ululani's shaved ice kyla

 At Ululani’s We both got micro (smallest size!) shaved ice with haupia (coconut pudding) on the bottom. I got the coconut, mango, pineapple one. It was really good but obviously really sweet! The flavors are delicious and the haupia was so thick, sweet that it had me wishing for more plain ice! One note on this place though, it does take a few minutes for them to shape the ice and prepare each one so the line can take a while but the employees are incredibly nice and it’s worth the wait!

Ululani's Shaved Ice flavors Maui

ululani's shaved ice coconut mango and pineapple

 Dad and I had a bit of fun with my panorama feature! Unfortunately he was amputated in the process.

silly Lahaina pic

After exploring Lahaina for a while, I really wanted to hit the beach so we headed a little up the road to Ka’anapali Beach. There are three exits you can take for this long slice of heaven, we took the second one that has beach parking next to The Westin. If you’re looking for the stereotypical long white sand beach (more like yellow) with acqua-colored water then this is it. There are lots of tourists (like me!) but it’s really really nice and has lots of room to play.

The first thing I did is mark my territory haha, well mine and Greg’s. He was actually on this beach last January with his family!

love kaanapali beach

The morning started off clear and sunny but as expected (dad and I stalk the weather channel), it started to get windy and cloudy in the afternoon. Nooooooo! I didn’t drag my vitamin D deficient pale body from Seattle to Hawaii for this! Fortunately you can still have tons of fun in a cloudy Maui, tossing a football around and eating until you pass out.

Kaanapali beach The westin

Some were brave enough to swim in the turbulent waves but not I. It was actually a bit chilly!

beach 3

Day One came to a close, but not before we picked up some papaya’s for snacking!

Papaya, Maui

 There is SOOOOOO much more to come so please do check back this Friday evening for more!

Ever been to Maui or Hawaii? What do you suggest or what would you like to do there?

What’s your favorite tropical fruit? I like papayas and mangoes the best, and pineapples…and lilikoi (fancy way of saying passion fruit!)!

Where were you when the clock turned to midnight on NYE?

Thanks for reading everyone and for hosting WIAW Jenn! Don’t forget to check back on Friday for “Maui Part Two”!!