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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 3.20.15

March 20, 2015

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favorite #1

Skinny Peanut Butter, Chocolate, & Banana Muffins - NO butter, oil, flour, or white sugar! So light and delicious!

Peanut buttery, chocolate gooey mess that is “healthy” but not when I add a huge amount of chocolate chips! These are made with oats instead of flour and bananas. I’ve made two batches already and I have no self-control around them, basically tastes like a chocolate chip peanut butter cookie! All the credit goes to the amazing Chelsea at Chelsea’s Messy Apron! This is her photo as well. You’re probably better off not making these because you will never forget them, but c’mon how can you not?! Get the recipe here!

favorite #2

Funny animals. I miss having animals around! My dog Gryphon lives with my mom so I don’t see him as much, too bad my apartment doesn’t allow any pets:(

favorite 3

 Squats! I have always liked squats, maybe because I spend 5 days a week sitting in a chair and I like to feel the burn of those muscles! I’m trying to do more in my gym routine because I don’t want and shouldn’t just run. The other day I think I felt a shin splint coming on, I’ve never had one so I’m not sure but I need to add some resistance training in for sure!

Benefits of Squatting for Runners #run #runner #running #fitness #motivation #quote #gym

favorite 4

The oil cleansing method! I tried it once before but was too impatient (as usual!) so when I gave it another go, I did more research and have been doing it for about a month now. The basic idea is that, contrary to what most people think, not all oils are bad! And our skin is often dehydrated by all the chemical-laden cleansers and moisturizers we use. I would say I have combo skin (dry some places, oily others) so I was curious to see what would happen. Now the chart below says to use castor oil as a base but honestly, I just use one oil. Castor oil actually has a comedogenic rating of 1, which is still very low and should be fine with most everyone’s skin but I just was lazy and decided not to use it. I have tried evening primrose oil and then kukui nut oil. Kukui nut oil really made a difference for my skin, it’s softer, more balanced and seems to be healing any blemishes fast. My skin feels so good since starter this regime! I still use Cerave moisturizer and this sunscreen.  I just got some hemp seed oil which absorbs fast so I might try that as a moisturizer and use that and my sunscreen lotion. If you try this, let me know how it goes! I get my oils from Mountain Rose Herbs, which is a really fun site to check out either way!


favorite 5

Spring-y clothes and shoes! Happy first day of spring!


That’s all I’ve got, time to hit the gym! (I’m on the right btw).


What’s your current favorite recipe?

Do you do OCM (the oil cleansing method)? Or know anyone that has?


Tourist in Seattle

March 5, 2015

 A wonderful thing happened, my boyfriend was able to visit last (last) weekend! He flew up on a Thursday and left on Sunday morning at an abominable hour but I am so glad I got to see him! We last saw each other just before Christmas so it had been about 2 months. I had to work Thursday but he got to Seattle around the time I got off work so we met up and headed to a movie and dinner. Of course we wanted to eat something he can’t get in San Fran so after much debate we decided on Pike Place chowder. I got the seafood chowder and G stuck with the original, it is sooo good!

pike place chowder

Blurry because I was excited.

Pike place seafood chowder

 The two goons who can’t look in the same direction for any photo 🙂

G + K 6

The next day we spent walking around capitol hill, popping in stores and chatting. For lunch we tried Scratch Deli, a sandwich spot that is literally a house turned restaurant. I got a kale Caesar salad (my favorite!) and a veggie sandwich with hummus and tzatziki sauce. The salad was really really good, and the sandwich was decent, kind of needed some more flavor though. G got a meaty sandwich and he liked his a lot.

Scratch deli, capitol hill seattle caesar slalad

Scratch Deli Veggie sandwich seattle

Of course we needed dessert after all that walking, so we walked downtown and went to Gelatiamo, my favorite gelato spot in Seattle. G got salted caramel I think, and he got his affogato, aka drenched in espresso.

Gelatiamo gelato affogato

gelatiamo gelato affogato seattle

I got a medium because I am a dessert-addict of malt ball and the very best – rice! Rice gelato is my favorite flavor they have, it’s basically frozen rice pudding but creamy with chunks of slightly chewy rice.

gelatiamo seattle

Gelatiamo seattle rice and malt ball

On Saturday, there was a festival of the Lunar New Year in Chinatown! They had $2 bites from various restaurants in the area so we walked over right when it started.

New Year festival seattle menu

New Year Chinese Festival seattle food walk menu

 There were lots of dragons!

New Year Chinatown seattle festival

At our first stop G got some meaty creations. He liked one of them but the ball-shaped ones he was not a fan of.

New Year Festival chinatown seattle

The next stop was a bakery with some Asian influence, like they have green tea buns and regular bakery goods. Their deal was cinnamon rolls so we each got one! They were really good, the frosting was interesting, not very sweet but really fluffy and light.

New Year festival cinnamon roll

 Then we went to a bubble tea place and G got a Thai iced tea. I got a taste and it was strong but tasty, I wonder why it’s orange? Do you know?

New year festival seattle vietnamese coffee

I dragged G to one more spot or a veggie bun. By this time the lines were getting long but I really wanted the bun! It was really good also, filled with flavorful veggies.

New Year festival veggie bun

Next we headed downtown against to do a little Pike Place visit. Obligatory Pike Place Market photo below. It’s still so fun to go to, even though I have been hundreds of times!

pike place market seattle cloudy

Some macarons from Le Panier: hazelnut, passion fruit and pistachio. Favorite = hazelnut but passion fruit was fun and tasty too!

le panier macarons

Macarons are on my list of things I want to bake. The flavor combinations are endless!

le panier macarons seattle

Next stop: Rachel’s Ginger Beer. I picked the Mango Mate ginger beer and G went with their original. Whoo weee! The ginger in this is stronger than a full-grown bear! (I’m not sure that made sense or why I used the word bear).

pikes place seattle rachels ginger beer

pike place seattle rachels ginger beer mango mate

My favorite boyfriend and I 🙂

G + K 1

G has always wanted to try the apple ciders they have at Pike’s so he did some sampling and chose the hot spiced cider. He let me take some sips and it is really delicious cider. Maple bacon looks fun too but it didn’t win him over!

pike's place market cider

 On the last night together, we headed to Cinerama which is a theater kind of styled like a play-theater with curtains and such but they show new movies, mostly 3D. They also make their own special popcorn, sell beer and cupcakes! I have DREAMS about this popcorn, seriously. It’s just cocoa-dusted but it tastes like cocoa puffs! You can get it mixed with regular butter popcorn too. Honestly, I didn’t even notice which movie we were seeing, I just went for the popcorn 😉

Cinerama seattle chocolate and butter popcorn

After I inhaled a medium bag of popcorn by myself in front of my bewildered boyfriend, we decided to order a pizza from World Pizza! I know, this looks like a LOT of pizza for two people but it was sort of an accident. We did order a whole pizza and then left to hang out at home while they made it and they said it would be a while because they had a busy day. About 45 minutes later we went to pick it up and alas! they had forgotten completely to make our pizza! This has happened once before to us at World Pizza, which is kind of unfortunate but they always make up for it nicely. They had about half a potato pizza at the counter and some of a pepperoni so they gave us all they had left and a cookie! So we had even more pizza, enough for me to eat leftovers all week!

world pizza seattle

 Their pizza is amazing, the crust is on the thin side and every kind is so flavorful.

world pizza seattle potato and veggie pepperoni

Have you ever made macarons? What flavors are your favorite?

What is your favorite Chinese food?