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August 2015

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Weekend Update: Din Tai Fung

August 23, 2015

On Friday my friend Sulki and I went to a Taiwanese restaurant called Din Tai Fung. She had been there before and loves it so I was eager to try it! It was a weirdly dark, rainy day which is only weird because we have had such amazing weather since June.


When you walk into the restaurant, you can see the chefs making all the dumplings/buns right away through glass windows.


So many choices! Instead of ordering right off the menu, they have you mark off the items you want on a paper menu, which I didn’t get a pic of.


The sesame, taro and red bean buns are considered dessert I believe. I love how they look!


My dinner date:



For an appetizer we ordered the seaweed and beancurd salad in vinegar dressing. This tastes amazing! Probably the best seaweed salad I’ve ever had.


We also ordered the sautéed string beans with garlic which are really delicious, garlicky and crunchy.


Sulki got a milk green tea and I got a similar one that I cannot remember the name of, darn!



These are the vegetarian dumplings, they are so yummy, especially dunked in soy sauce and ginger.



The vegetarian buns were even better than the dumplings and have flavorful veggies with little pieces of tofu inside, all wrapped in a spongey, fluffy wrapping.


They are quite hot temperature-wise so we had to open them up to let them cool for a bit.


Mmmmm I could eat a million of these!


We ordered so much the waiter basically called us fatties, haha, it was a ton of food for two people but we got a lot of it wrapped up to go. This is the last main dish we got was friend noodles with shrimp. Definitely another of my favorites, the shrimp are so perfectly cooked.



Sulki also got some meaty dumplings and let me dip my veggie ones in her delicious spicy sauce!


Of course we had to try dessert too so we got the rather suggestive taro buns!


The taro bun is filled with mashed taro that is not very sweet but tasty. I would love to make these sometime and do some fun fillings like PB&J!


We also got a SMALL shaved ice that turned out to be enormous!! like the size of a basketball. It includes red beans (not my fav), jellies (like), big jelly balls (like), taro bits (not my fav), a mango pudding (like but very sweet) and underneath is shaved ice with condensed milk (like).



We kept eating this but really barely made much of a dent before getting way too stuffed! Unfortunately this one couldn’t be taken home really.


All in all, I cannot wait to go back to Din Tai Fung, it is definitely my new favorite Seattle restaurant!


Weekend Update: Taylor Swift

August 14, 2015

This weekend the best thing ever happened, Taylor Swift came to town! She was playing at CenturyLink field which is where the Seahawks and the Sounders play. I’m pretty sure her concert was louder than a Seahawks game!


She brought a lot of trucks with her…

Tswift 1

When we walked in we were handed the light-up bracelets and they said “this is a gift from Taylor personally” Okay, not personally but it felt like it. The bracelets light up when the concert starts and then change colors to specific points in the songs, so cool. Mine still worked until last night, so it lasted five days after the concert.


All the bracelets turned white in this pic:



Bad blood was fittingly red:



 As her guests Taylor brought Russell Wilson, Ciara and Fetty Wap onstage. Everyone screamed the loudest for Russell of course!


The concert was awesome. Taylor even did some of her old country songs too but tailored (hehe!)  them to fit her new pop style of music. She also spoke from her heart a few times to us Seattle-ites! I would highly recommend her concert 10/10.




My Workout Routine

August 5, 2015

I thought I would share my workout routine/habits today. I enjoy reading about other people’s routines so you might enjoy reading about mine!

Time of day: I prefer to hit the gym after work or in the afternoon rather than in the morning. There’s a few reasons for this: 1) I feel more hydrated/fueled since I  drink water/eat all day 2) I like to sleep and I require a lot of it 🙂 No really, I do. 3) I generally feel more energetic and push myself more later in the day.

Equipment: I always have my phone for Spotify or Sometimes I use my polar watch with the heart-rate monitor strap but I hate wearing the strap around my ribs, so I haven’t used it in a while. I just got a Fitbit Charge so I am enjoying that right now and it can record workouts as well. For running outside I like the Map My Run app.


Pre-workout: I like to eat either an apple, a protein bar or a protein shake about 1.5 hours before I workout so I have more fuel in my system.  I also walk for 5 minutes at incline before I actually start any workout just to get moving after sitting at my desk like a sleepy sloth all day.


Supplements: My goal is to eat more protein because I feel a lot stronger when I do. I have also tried some pre-workout but I haven’t found one that I love yet. The Cellucor C4 extreme one everyone loves but it made me shake like a leaf and I felt like I was on crack. These three below look a little more natural and less intense so they are on my “to try” list:

Or you can just drink a  ton of coffee or tea. But, if you have ever tried these, let me know what you think!

Workout: I have a love/hate relationship with running. Some days I love it and feel like this:

And other days I feel like this…

If I run, I usually do between 2-4 miles at incline at various speeds (depending on what I want to work on) and then I get bored because running on treadmills can get so boring sometimes! Next, I’ll either hit the mats for planks, abs etc. or I’ll go right into lunges, squats etc. And if I have lots of time I’ll do arms too but usually that needs to be a different day.

It’s really easy to get stuck in the same routine but an easy way to get out of the rut is to just spend some time researching new workouts! Usually I’ll just do a quick search on Pinterest to find variations of something or a new squat type etc. That is pretty motivating but if you need even more motivation, hit the mall and get a new workout top. Nothing gets me to the gym faster.


Post-workout: by the time I get home I am a sweaty, hungry, hot mess. My body wants food badly so I typically stuff something in my mouth on the way to the shower, this could be anything really, a piece of a muffin, dried fruit, a swig of almond milk, a handful of nuts, the crust of some cold pizza…You get the point. After I shower, I’m on cloud nine because I just worked out and now I’m all nice and clean and life is good. For dinner, I love me some salmon with edamame (both are staples in my house studio apartment), a veggie omelet or some chickpea tacos with guac. Lots of guac.

My favorite part of the day is getting to relax after a hard workout with some yummy food. I workout for many reasons but the most important are: to be healthy on the inside and out, because it feels good, and to feel okay about eating a whole cheesecake  at least once a year 😉


Well, that’s my routine! What’s yours?