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Washington, DC Trip: Part one

October 21, 2015

The next few posts I’m doing are going to cover my recent trip to Washington, DC! I went for work but after my conference was done my dad flew out and we visited some extended relatives who live in Falls Church, VA. This post has a few work food pictures and then the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. I took a lot of pictures so I’ll probably be doing about 3 posts on this trip!

My work hotel was in National Harbor, MD so I got to explore the little “city” around the clump of hotels in the harbor. The first night we went to the Crab Cake Cafe¬†which had good reviews for their crab cakes, which are my favorite. The restaurant is right on the harbor and looks like a fast food joint but the prices are not super cheap since they use real crab. My meal was $27.oo and included two crab cakes and a salad but the crab cakes are pretty large and I could barely finish it all (but I did haha).


The salad was very yummy, I forget how much I like orange slices on salad. My favorite part is the goat cheese truffle you can see poking under a strawberry slice, so good! The crab cakes are moist, pure crab and very flavorful. Pretty salty but I like salt so I enjoyed them a lot.


The tarter sauce is delicious too!


My coworkers were crabbed out after that dinner but I could have gone another round ūüėČ

The next morning I ordered oatmeal and some fruit, the fruit was pretty but kinda unripe.


After working all day in an office, we headed out to dinner to an Asian restaurant that wasn’t very good but afterwards we got Pinkberry which made up for it! I love Pinkberry, I wish there was one near me at home. I got chocolate hazelnut and chocolate with oreo crumbles.


I didn’t take many pictures of my work lunches and dinners because I was too busy! But I couldn’t help but snap a pic of these cute macarons the hotel made. I had pistachio, raspberry and passionfruit.


One of our work events brought us to Mount Vernon which is where George Washington lived and died. We got to tour his mansion (it was too dark for pictures), the museum and then ate dinner in the modern inn there. I really enjoyed the tour and his house, it was almost like going back in time! You’re not allowed to take pictures in the house so I just got some museum photos.



This is the modern inn where we had dinner:


Dinner was pretty good! I had lasagna, salad and a hoecake (google it!)


Now flash-forward to my work week being done! I hopped in an Uber and headed to my dad’s aunt and uncle’s house in Virginia. It was really pouring rain since the hurricane Joaquin swept by us so it wasn’t hot or humid which I was glad about. Dad and I headed out to see the museums early on Saturday, first we went to the Museum of American History which had a cool food exhibit but I didn’t take any pictures. Then we went to the natural history museum!


Even though it’s a bit sad seeing all the stuffed animals, it was interesting!



Did you know a giraffe drinks water so precariously? I would fall flat on my face if I tried the same move!


Look at this cute kitty with big fluffy danger paws!



The stages of human evolution…Very cool!


Dad and I needed to refuel about halfway through the natural history museum so we decided to come back after a snack and started to walk¬†towards the White House. As I had never been to DC, I didn’t know what to expect but I did expect it to be a bit more bustling, even though it was the¬†weekend!



There are some really pretty buildings there!



Uh oh, I’ve been stopped by the white house guards (from the 1700s…)!


The White House was quite hard to get a good picture of since they have double fences around it but I managed an okay one between the bars. We also saw a happy little White House (official) squirrel prancing around the yard!


We stopped at a little cafe a block from the White House for a cuppa soup. I got a VERY sweet butternut squash-pumpkin soup that was topped with sugary granola. It definitely needed a salty element to balance it out but it was nice to have warm soup in my tummy on this cold, rainy day!


After our soup break, we walked back to the natural history museum and finished it up. We saw dinosaurs…



Spooky skeletons…


Terrifying turtles…(those hands look an awful lot like ours!)


Bizarre birds…


And whatever this cutie was! I can’t remember but he reminds me of something out of the Nightmare before Christmas.


Just a little pocket mouse has so many bones!


And last but certainly not least, a sloth skeleton. I love sloths but it’s really a wonder that they¬†aren’t totally extinct yet considering how easy they are to catch…Or in this case, to help!¬†



Next we saw the Egyptian mummy exhibit:


And the hope diamond. So sparkly!


Well that’s day¬†one! Come back for more of DC soon!