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January 2016

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January 10, 2016

Hi Guys, I just wanted to do a catch-up post so I’m going to tell you what I’ve been up to recently!

Recently, my boyfriend G came to visit me from San Francisco (LDR)  and we had lots of fun…eating lots of treats and taking squinty pics 🙂

greg and i

We ate things like this chocolate milkshake:

milkshake 8oz

And this Nutella crepe (see my homemade/less pretty version later in this post!)


Recently, I went home for the holidays and Gryphon and I got some much-needed snuggle time (his belly always look dirty btw)

gryph + k

What a smug little muffin!

gryph + k 3

Recently, I cut down our Christmas tree which was a lot smaller than usual (5ft vs. 8 ft!). Then my dad forced me to pose like this to show the tree as larger than it really is:

xmas elf

Recently, I learned to cook scallops and then ate about 15 within two days. This pic below is handmade pasta from a  local shop, veggie red sauce, pecorino and scallops yum!


Recently, I made a lot of Christmas cookies and then ate them all, including candy cane cookies, sugar cookies and white chocolate peppermint cookies!

candy cane cookies

christmas cookies


Recently, I went to dinner at Revel with my two lady friends Sulki and Melissa and we shared some delicious food like this Dungeness crab, seaweed noodle, spicy red curry, crème fraiche dish below:

crab noodles

And this spicy roasted cauliflower, miso eggplant and charred kale rice bowl

cauliflower bowl

And this fun marshmallow world dessert that consisted of a vanilla pavlova base in a puddle of lemongrass curd with honey glazed quince fruit and a matcha dusting atop a snowy marshmallow spruce cream peak. I had never had pavlova before but I like it a lot, especially the slightly chewy but airy texture. This was fun to eat!

revel menu

marshmallow revel

Then we went to the Back Door at Roxy’s to grab a drink..erm well I had chamomile tea (it was a Tuesday!) and proceeded to take 500 pictures in the chandelier room 🙂

ladies night

Recently, I learned how to make crepes (super easy) and stuffed them with Nutella and it was probably the best thing I have ever eaten but certainly shouldn’t do it every weekend since I ate a whole jar of Nutella in just a few days…! I used this recipe and they turned out great!

nutella crepe

Recently, on New Years Day, I went snowshoeing for the second time ever at Snow Lake and it was beautiful (and freezing!)

snow lake

snowshoe with sulki

Recently, I decided to get my act together and food prep on Sundays! This week was this amazing red curry by Pinch of Yum with vegetables and quinoa, which also marked my first time using fish sauce (it seems gross to me but I love dishes with it)!

food prep

And now you’re all caught up with my life! I’m currently looking forward to Valentines day weekend because I just got plane tickets to see G in San francisco. We are planning on staying at his family’s cabin near Bear Valley and snowshoeing!

What are you currently looking forward to?