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I’m doing the Whole30!

March 22, 2016

I decided I need to do something new and refreshing and instead of quitting my job and moving to Thailand…I am experimenting with my diet for 30 days! (doesn’t sound as fun as Thailand huh?). Today is DAY ONE of the Whole30 program. I had read about the Whole30 before but originally nixed the idea because I thought you had to be an omnivore to do it. However, upon further reading, they have programs for vegans/vegetarians as well and since I am a pescatarian I can balance between the two perfectly. For those of you that have never heard of the Whole30, below is the omnivore shopping list which shows exactly what you should eat. The big no-no’s are no added sugar, dairy, alcohol, grains, legumes, carrageenan/MSG/Sulfites, and no re-creating baked goods or treats with approved ingredients so you can continue your junk foods ways in a way.

The vegan/vegetarian one allows some tofu and tempeh. Since tempeh is fermented and more easily digested than tofu or soy products in general, I will be allowing it.


As you can see, as a pescatarian, I will be eating a lot of eggs, seafood and veggies with a side of nuts and fruit. Honestly it’s pretty similar to my normal diet except the added sugars (I love peanut butter chocolate chip cookies!) and grains (my daily oatmeal..kinda awkward since it’s the name of my blog lol!). Anyways, I’m pretty excited because I have never cut out anything for 30 days and I am looking forward to some of the good results the program is known for like more energy, better sleeping, less mood swings, etc. One thing I want to be clear on, this is not a diety diet! Meaning it’s not to lose weight or anything. You are not supposed to weigh yourself and eat as much as you like to be full during the 30 days. I am not doing this to lose weight but I do hope that I feel less bloated which happens after I eat certain foods like PB, dairy and legumes.

Mostly, the reason I’m doing this is because I have been feeling really sluggish and kind of run-down lately. Since I started running more and going to the gym 6 days a week, I eat a lot more of course but I have been picking sugary foods instead of real food and now I’m feeling the results. I’m really good at following schedules generally (out of the fear of failing!) so I think I will stick to this very well and thus feel really good and healthy in 30 days.

Here are my day one meals:


Strawberries and veggie egg frittata muffins, based on this recipe.

day 1 bfastbreakfasts!


Coconut shrimp patties with avocado and kale salad mix and pineapple

day 1 lunch

shrimp coconut patties


Salmon patty with steamed broccoli

dinner day 1


A delicious mango plus un-pictured pistachios and a la croix water


 What do you think about the Whole30? Would you try it?

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January 10, 2016

Hi Guys, I just wanted to do a catch-up post so I’m going to tell you what I’ve been up to recently!

Recently, my boyfriend G came to visit me from San Francisco (LDR)  and we had lots of fun…eating lots of treats and taking squinty pics 🙂

greg and i

We ate things like this chocolate milkshake:

milkshake 8oz

And this Nutella crepe (see my homemade/less pretty version later in this post!)


Recently, I went home for the holidays and Gryphon and I got some much-needed snuggle time (his belly always look dirty btw)

gryph + k

What a smug little muffin!

gryph + k 3

Recently, I cut down our Christmas tree which was a lot smaller than usual (5ft vs. 8 ft!). Then my dad forced me to pose like this to show the tree as larger than it really is:

xmas elf

Recently, I learned to cook scallops and then ate about 15 within two days. This pic below is handmade pasta from a  local shop, veggie red sauce, pecorino and scallops yum!


Recently, I made a lot of Christmas cookies and then ate them all, including candy cane cookies, sugar cookies and white chocolate peppermint cookies!

candy cane cookies

christmas cookies


Recently, I went to dinner at Revel with my two lady friends Sulki and Melissa and we shared some delicious food like this Dungeness crab, seaweed noodle, spicy red curry, crème fraiche dish below:

crab noodles

And this spicy roasted cauliflower, miso eggplant and charred kale rice bowl

cauliflower bowl

And this fun marshmallow world dessert that consisted of a vanilla pavlova base in a puddle of lemongrass curd with honey glazed quince fruit and a matcha dusting atop a snowy marshmallow spruce cream peak. I had never had pavlova before but I like it a lot, especially the slightly chewy but airy texture. This was fun to eat!

revel menu

marshmallow revel

Then we went to the Back Door at Roxy’s to grab a drink..erm well I had chamomile tea (it was a Tuesday!) and proceeded to take 500 pictures in the chandelier room 🙂

ladies night

Recently, I learned how to make crepes (super easy) and stuffed them with Nutella and it was probably the best thing I have ever eaten but certainly shouldn’t do it every weekend since I ate a whole jar of Nutella in just a few days…! I used this recipe and they turned out great!

nutella crepe

Recently, on New Years Day, I went snowshoeing for the second time ever at Snow Lake and it was beautiful (and freezing!)

snow lake

snowshoe with sulki

Recently, I decided to get my act together and food prep on Sundays! This week was this amazing red curry by Pinch of Yum with vegetables and quinoa, which also marked my first time using fish sauce (it seems gross to me but I love dishes with it)!

food prep

And now you’re all caught up with my life! I’m currently looking forward to Valentines day weekend because I just got plane tickets to see G in San francisco. We are planning on staying at his family’s cabin near Bear Valley and snowshoeing!

What are you currently looking forward to?


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Weekend Update: Din Tai Fung

August 23, 2015

On Friday my friend Sulki and I went to a Taiwanese restaurant called Din Tai Fung. She had been there before and loves it so I was eager to try it! It was a weirdly dark, rainy day which is only weird because we have had such amazing weather since June.


When you walk into the restaurant, you can see the chefs making all the dumplings/buns right away through glass windows.


So many choices! Instead of ordering right off the menu, they have you mark off the items you want on a paper menu, which I didn’t get a pic of.


The sesame, taro and red bean buns are considered dessert I believe. I love how they look!


My dinner date:



For an appetizer we ordered the seaweed and beancurd salad in vinegar dressing. This tastes amazing! Probably the best seaweed salad I’ve ever had.


We also ordered the sautéed string beans with garlic which are really delicious, garlicky and crunchy.


Sulki got a milk green tea and I got a similar one that I cannot remember the name of, darn!



These are the vegetarian dumplings, they are so yummy, especially dunked in soy sauce and ginger.



The vegetarian buns were even better than the dumplings and have flavorful veggies with little pieces of tofu inside, all wrapped in a spongey, fluffy wrapping.


They are quite hot temperature-wise so we had to open them up to let them cool for a bit.


Mmmmm I could eat a million of these!


We ordered so much the waiter basically called us fatties, haha, it was a ton of food for two people but we got a lot of it wrapped up to go. This is the last main dish we got was friend noodles with shrimp. Definitely another of my favorites, the shrimp are so perfectly cooked.



Sulki also got some meaty dumplings and let me dip my veggie ones in her delicious spicy sauce!


Of course we had to try dessert too so we got the rather suggestive taro buns!


The taro bun is filled with mashed taro that is not very sweet but tasty. I would love to make these sometime and do some fun fillings like PB&J!


We also got a SMALL shaved ice that turned out to be enormous!! like the size of a basketball. It includes red beans (not my fav), jellies (like), big jelly balls (like), taro bits (not my fav), a mango pudding (like but very sweet) and underneath is shaved ice with condensed milk (like).



We kept eating this but really barely made much of a dent before getting way too stuffed! Unfortunately this one couldn’t be taken home really.


All in all, I cannot wait to go back to Din Tai Fung, it is definitely my new favorite Seattle restaurant!

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Father Day + Zucchini Fritters Recipe

June 25, 2015

For Father’s Day my pops came up to visit so we could go to brunch and a Mariner’s game! We started off walking to Capitol Hill to a restaurant called Plum Bistro. It’s vegan and organic. Dad accidentally went there a couple weekends ago with his buddy and he loved and I really wanted to try it so we decided t go there for brunch.

The inside is really cute and rustic/modern. There are only about 8 or 9 table and a bar area so it is a very small restaurant. They only do reservations for 6 or more but we sat at the bar with no waiting.

plum bistro fathers day

The brunch  menu:

plum bistro 2

You can see how close we are to the kitchen (literally right in front of us) in this photo. Also I love that they serve water with cucumber and orange slices!

plum bistro bar

The wee little kitchen.

plum bistro bar view

I got the breakfast slam special which consists of (all vegan): two pancakes w/cinnamon butter, sausage, tofu scramble (so good!) and some sweet potato/potato hash. This filled me up big time, I was stuffed! It was all delicious and I can’t wait to return!

plum bistro slam

Dad got the veggie slam which has: cheesy potato cakes, roasted portobello, sauteed spinach, grilled asparagus and an English muffin with pesto. He got this when he came here before too so I know it’s a winner!

plum bistro veggie slam

With our bellies full, we walked around the hill and then to the Mariner’s game! Last Father’s Day I got ticket too but I unknowingly chose horrible seats that were on hard bleachers, under the scoreboard and we had oily smoke from the funnel cake stand wafting around us the whole time! My bad. This year I stepped it up and got terrace club seats in row 3! I like to redeem myself and dad was quite pleasantly  surprised! The seats had padding, we had great views and it was beautiful outside. I also got him a new mariner’s hat to wear! He also got a Mariner’s apron as the game giveaway, last year was a barbecue spatula!

mariners father day dad

He really is the best dad a girl could ask for 🙂

mariners fathers day game dad and kyla

The game was a long one! Each inning went very slowly and a ton of pitches were thrown. I do like watching baseball now that I know most of the rules so we didn’t mind staying until it ended. Sadly, the Mariners lost to the Houston Astros.

mariners 2

The guy in front of us had two baskets of garlic fries for himself! They looked good but we were still stuffed from brunch.

mariners 3

After the game we watched the last 30 minutes or so of the PGA golf tournament that took place just South of us at Chambers Bay in Tacoma! Man that course looked bad ha ha all the grass was yellow. I’m glad an American won. Then Dad took me to Trader Joes for some grocery shopping since I don’t get to buy much there without a car. It was so nice to be driven to the grocery store! I took this pic in the car, beeeautiful isn’t it?

seattle sunsets


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B-up Protein Bar Review + Spring + Must-Have Snickerdoodle Cookie Recipe!

April 2, 2015

Spring has arrived! It was so beautiful out for a few days, as I’m typing this it is overcast, raining and freezing cold, but it was really nice for a bit! Hopefully spring fights back against Seattle’s desire to be dreary. Last night there was a big thunderstorm actually, which is not very common here. I like thunderstorms, they make me want to get cozy!

Anyways, my friend Sulki and I went to see the cherry blossom trees on the UW campus because it was so sunny and nice out. As you can see, it was the place to be!

cherry blossoms UW

cherry blossoms UW campusCherry blossom girls

How gorgeous are these blooms?!

cherry blossoms!

cherry blossoms seattle

Afterwards we headed to an outdoor mall nearby and between the paper/card store (we love cards!) we couldn’t resist popping into Menchie’s for a sweet treat. Mine looks like a bit of a hot mess but a really yummy hot mess! I got cake batter and peanut butter cookie.

Froyo menchies

Sulki’s is a lot prettier to look at, those bright colors! She got cake batter.

froyo menchies fun

froyo menchies!

I also stopped at Target to grab some groceries and stumbled upon this gum. I don’t chew gum but the packaging got me! Plus I wanted to see what cake flavored gum would taste like. Verdict: not very good! As I should have known it just tasted like chemicals but I appreciate that they made the sticks of gum have sprinkles, like funfetti. I’ll find someone who likes gum to give it to!

bad target decisions

I went to a training away from the office last week and got back just in time to head to the gym but I was starving, like there’s no way I had the energy to workout and I had no food, so I ran to the GNC around the corner and grabbed this protein bar. I’ve heard about these, kind of a new Quest bar. Here is the label and the ingredients list:


INGREDIENTS: Prebiotic Dietary Vegetable Fiber*, Peanuts, Whey Protein Isolate, Milk Protein Isolate, Cocoa Butter, Natural Flavors, Palm Fruit Oil, Xylitol, Strawberry Juice Concentrate, Sea Salt, Sunflower Lecithin, Beet Juice Powder, Citric Acid, Stevia Extract, Monk Fruit Extract.ALLERGENS: Contains Milk, Peanuts, and traces of Tree Nuts (Almond, Cashew). *Go to to see results for fiber analysis.

Anything with that much fiber in one little serving makes me a bit skeptical and there have been some negative studies about xylitol and sugar alcohols in general.  I haven’t read anything bad about monk fruit extract but I think it’s a rather new ingredient on the market, maybe I’m wrong though.

Here is some info on monk fruit:

Monk fruit, also known as luo han guo fruit, is traditionally grown in the forested mountains of southern China, Reuters reported. Its antioxidant and vitamin properties have made it a popular remedy for anything from a sore throat to diabetes, and its naturally sweetened flavor makes its dry form a practical ingredient for soups and teas. Manufacturers report that one gram of monk fruit extract is equal to eight teaspoons of sugar…and In its pure form, monk fruit is considered 300 times sweeter than sugar…California-based Zevia recently launched its brand of zero-calorie sodas, sweetened with a mixture of monk fruit extract and stevia.” (source:

I tried Zevia once or twice and it tastes really good! You’ve probably seen it at your local grocery store, or Whole Foods:

Can of Zevia Ginger Root Beer

Okay now my review: I chose the PB&J flavored bar because I just love PB&J! They also have: vanilla peanut butter, peanut butter, sugar cookie, chocolate mint and cinnamon roll.

b up bar 1

Whoa that’s pink, wasn’t expecting the layered color look. Smells like PB&J kind of.

b up bar 3

Tastes a bit chalky but the peanut butter layer is good. I can kind of taste the stevia but not anymore than in a Quest bar. The jelly layer is to fake and weird for me though, too chalky and whey-y (haha not a word at all). I’m not the biggest fan of protein powder (unless it’s mixed in a smoothie) but I do like quest chocolate chip cookie dough bars and they taste better than this one.

b up bar 2

Verdict: I would probably try the peanut butter one because generally anything with peanut butter I enjoy, but I’m gonna say “no thanks” to the others. Of course, one should always try to eat some plain Greek yogurt or hard-boiled eggs over processed bars but sometimes you need a quick fix! (And sometimes I microwave a chocolate chip protein Quest bar and eat it for dessert : ))

After that I got a solid workout in though! I’ve been trying to run at least 3-4 times a week and mix in some strength training.

working out!

 Makes me laugh!

My spring-y nails!

nail stick-ons

What I have been eating for dinner like every night, Trident salmon burgers form Costco, 20g protein, nothing but fish. So juicy and delicious!

trident salmon patties

My BF’s birthday is this Sunday, on Easter, so I made him a bunch of cookies to send in a birthday package! Including his favorite, snickerdoodles, which turned out AMAZING, thanks to Mrs. Sigg’s recipe. I used all butter instead of half shortening half butter.

mrs. siggs snickerdoodles

They turned out perfectly puffy, slightly chewy and thick.

mrs. siggs snickerdoodles 2

Obviously I had to make sure they tasted okay 🙂 They look yellow in this photo but they are white, it’s my darn kitchen lighting!

mrs. siggs snickerdoodles 3

 Next I made him this espresso chocolate chip shortbread recipe. They didn’t look too pretty since I don’t have a rolling pin but I think they turned out good! These are not very sweet but very buttery and have strong infusion of espresso, perfect for my coffee-holic boyfriend.

espresso chocolate chip shortbread

I got him this card (I hope he doesn’t see this blog post before Sunday!), he likes the grumpy cat so this is perfect!

greg's birthday card

His box all packed up, it also had some Easter basket straw filling, some chocolate Easter eggs and a few other little surprises! I topped it off with an old camera booth thing from when we first started dating, we look totally silly but I thought it was a nice touch 🙂

greg's bday box

If anyone can get through this super long post, I will be amazed! My mom came to visit last weekend so I want to share what we did. We walked to Capitol Hill and got lunch at Rancho Bravo Tacos, which is in an old KFC building but is super cheap and tasty Mexican food. Mom got enchiladas and I got a veggie burrito.

rancho bravos tacos

rancho bravos tacos burrito

Mom also brought my pup, Gryphon, to visit. I miss this little weasel so much! I got him a bow tie, which only enhances his natural beauty. Unfortunately, Gryphon is getting to be a senior citizen so he couldn’t do the walking we had planned but he was just as happy to take a nap in my apartment with his toy squirrel!


Quite a stud huh?

gryphon in seattle

Many kisses were shared.

gryphon and kylagryphon and kyla licks

After lunch, mom and I got her first Molly Moon’s ice cream experience. SO delicious! I got a huge waffle cone (which they make there) with salted caramel and melted chocolate. I also tried the earl grey which tasted really good but I was in a chocolate mood.

molly moons

Mom accidentally ordered a sundae with salted caramel, melted chocolate, toasted hazelnuts, fresh whipped cream and fresh chocolate sauce. We got flustered while ordering and mom order this, she only made it halfway through after being induced in a sugar coma!

molly moons sundae

Mom and I. My eyes look so dark and devilish!

molly moons with ma

If you could only eat one flavor of ice cream for the rest of your life, what flavor would it be?




Tasty Seattle Eats

April 1, 2015

Today I thought I’d share a ladies night meal and some work functions I have attended recently! My lady-friends and I decided to go to Tilikum Place Cafe for dinner the other night. I have never been but I’m always excited to try new places, and it has pretty good reviews. The pictures are pretty bad because of Iphone + low lighting.

I had the hand cut pasta with sage butter, toasted hazelnuts and Parmesan and the roasted beet, pear, celery, frisee salad with cashew vinaigrette.

tilikum place cafe seattle

The salad was AMAZING, so creamy but no diary products, just cashews are used. I love beets too.

tilikum place salad

The special – a fish dish split by two of the ladies.

tilikum place cafe special

My pasta. It would have been very good except it was  VERY salty so it was just good.

tilikum place cafe pasta

After dinner we obviously needed some gelato so we went to my favorite, Gelatiamo (google it if you are in Seattle downtown area!), for a scoop or two. I opted for two: malt ball and chocolate chip mint! I love how creative their flavors are.

gelatiamo ice cream seattle

gelatiamo ladies night

The next week, I had a work function and we went to Blueacre for a dinner, which is a seafood restaurant downtown. Below is our group’s menu: I chose the crab cake, baby lettuce, grilled salmon and panna cotta.

blueacre seafood seattle 1

My crab cake was small, delicious, fresh and had a tangy sauce. I always want more!

blueacre seafood crab cake 2

blueacre seafood crab cake

Blurry picture but the salad was very good, I love goat cheese and the lavender infusion wasn’t too strong.

blueacre seafood salad

My salmon was on par too! Except the bones surprised me and I almost choked, you’d think I would be more skilled after growing up eating fresh salmon! I love that they added nuts to the dish, it adds a nice crunchy texture.

blueacre seafood salmon

My panna cotta was alright, a little lacking in flavor and the dried fruit/raisin topping was too sweet. the white chocolate crumble was chalky too. I did like the guava curd though! It does make for quite a picture.

blueacre seafood panna cotta

blueacre seafood panna cotta 2

I should have chosen this cranberry-rhubarb crostada! My co-worker let the table have hers since she isn’t eating sweets right now and it was real tasty!

blueacre seafood crostata

blueacre seafood crostata 2

The lunch options at this work function were very good, healthy and very Seattle. The beet salad, roasted asparagus, sweet potato chowder and squash ravioli were my favorites.

hyatt olive 8 1

hyatt olive 8 saladd

hyatt olive 8 2

The sweet potato chowder was the best, I need to re-make this somehow! Anyone have a good sweet potato chowder recipe?

hyatt olive 8 sweet potato chowder

I also had the best dessert. Terrible photo but it was a chocolate pot de creme with a sort of hazelnut brittle.

hyatt olive 8 pot de creme

At the end of one long meeting day my co-workers and I  stopped by Urbane for a snack. Awful photo, sorry!

urbane seattle

I chose the kale, hazelnut, apple Parmesan salad. It was incredible. Super cheesy, like this barely counts as a salad cheesy.

urbane seattle kale caesar

Sometimes for work we get to do fun things, like have a reception and dinner at the Experience Music Project (EMP). It’s a interactive museum that’s pretty fun, they have a Star Wars and Nirvana exhibit right now. This is the famous guitar funnel, it’s actually quite huge and the guitars play music!

EMP seattle

EMP seattle 2

We had some passed hors d’oeuvres, including mini tacos, so cute!

EMP seattle tiny taco

The next day I headed out to a working lunch at Purple. A very popular business lunch spot in Seattle. I had never been there before actually! They also are apparently the first place to make sea-salt caramels! Which they serve as one of their desserts now. Kind of odd to serve a candy as dessert but I love caramels so I was excited to hear that. I love their decor as well, kind of Game of Thrones-y 🙂

purple seattle

purple wine bar seattle

 We started with the baked brie (naughty naughty!). As expected, it was heavenly.

purple seattle baked brie

I selected the kale Caesar salad and a small margherita pizza. The salad was disappointing because it was not all kale! The pizza was not very flavorful either. I have heard so many good things about purple, maybe I just chose the wrong items this time.

purple wine bar and cafe lunch

We HAD to try the caramels of course, so we ordered a box of 12 to go, since we had a meeting. I enjoyed them very much, they are so buttery, chocolate-y and rich.

purple wine bar and cafe sea salt caramels

And then I went to Costco and bought 4lb of strawberries. I know, a bit of a random post but I wanted get in as much as I could!

costco strawberries 2

Thanks for reading! : )


Tourist in Seattle

March 5, 2015

 A wonderful thing happened, my boyfriend was able to visit last (last) weekend! He flew up on a Thursday and left on Sunday morning at an abominable hour but I am so glad I got to see him! We last saw each other just before Christmas so it had been about 2 months. I had to work Thursday but he got to Seattle around the time I got off work so we met up and headed to a movie and dinner. Of course we wanted to eat something he can’t get in San Fran so after much debate we decided on Pike Place chowder. I got the seafood chowder and G stuck with the original, it is sooo good!

pike place chowder

Blurry because I was excited.

Pike place seafood chowder

 The two goons who can’t look in the same direction for any photo 🙂

G + K 6

The next day we spent walking around capitol hill, popping in stores and chatting. For lunch we tried Scratch Deli, a sandwich spot that is literally a house turned restaurant. I got a kale Caesar salad (my favorite!) and a veggie sandwich with hummus and tzatziki sauce. The salad was really really good, and the sandwich was decent, kind of needed some more flavor though. G got a meaty sandwich and he liked his a lot.

Scratch deli, capitol hill seattle caesar slalad

Scratch Deli Veggie sandwich seattle

Of course we needed dessert after all that walking, so we walked downtown and went to Gelatiamo, my favorite gelato spot in Seattle. G got salted caramel I think, and he got his affogato, aka drenched in espresso.

Gelatiamo gelato affogato

gelatiamo gelato affogato seattle

I got a medium because I am a dessert-addict of malt ball and the very best – rice! Rice gelato is my favorite flavor they have, it’s basically frozen rice pudding but creamy with chunks of slightly chewy rice.

gelatiamo seattle

Gelatiamo seattle rice and malt ball

On Saturday, there was a festival of the Lunar New Year in Chinatown! They had $2 bites from various restaurants in the area so we walked over right when it started.

New Year festival seattle menu

New Year Chinese Festival seattle food walk menu

 There were lots of dragons!

New Year Chinatown seattle festival

At our first stop G got some meaty creations. He liked one of them but the ball-shaped ones he was not a fan of.

New Year Festival chinatown seattle

The next stop was a bakery with some Asian influence, like they have green tea buns and regular bakery goods. Their deal was cinnamon rolls so we each got one! They were really good, the frosting was interesting, not very sweet but really fluffy and light.

New Year festival cinnamon roll

 Then we went to a bubble tea place and G got a Thai iced tea. I got a taste and it was strong but tasty, I wonder why it’s orange? Do you know?

New year festival seattle vietnamese coffee

I dragged G to one more spot or a veggie bun. By this time the lines were getting long but I really wanted the bun! It was really good also, filled with flavorful veggies.

New Year festival veggie bun

Next we headed downtown against to do a little Pike Place visit. Obligatory Pike Place Market photo below. It’s still so fun to go to, even though I have been hundreds of times!

pike place market seattle cloudy

Some macarons from Le Panier: hazelnut, passion fruit and pistachio. Favorite = hazelnut but passion fruit was fun and tasty too!

le panier macarons

Macarons are on my list of things I want to bake. The flavor combinations are endless!

le panier macarons seattle

Next stop: Rachel’s Ginger Beer. I picked the Mango Mate ginger beer and G went with their original. Whoo weee! The ginger in this is stronger than a full-grown bear! (I’m not sure that made sense or why I used the word bear).

pikes place seattle rachels ginger beer

pike place seattle rachels ginger beer mango mate

My favorite boyfriend and I 🙂

G + K 1

G has always wanted to try the apple ciders they have at Pike’s so he did some sampling and chose the hot spiced cider. He let me take some sips and it is really delicious cider. Maple bacon looks fun too but it didn’t win him over!

pike's place market cider

 On the last night together, we headed to Cinerama which is a theater kind of styled like a play-theater with curtains and such but they show new movies, mostly 3D. They also make their own special popcorn, sell beer and cupcakes! I have DREAMS about this popcorn, seriously. It’s just cocoa-dusted but it tastes like cocoa puffs! You can get it mixed with regular butter popcorn too. Honestly, I didn’t even notice which movie we were seeing, I just went for the popcorn 😉

Cinerama seattle chocolate and butter popcorn

After I inhaled a medium bag of popcorn by myself in front of my bewildered boyfriend, we decided to order a pizza from World Pizza! I know, this looks like a LOT of pizza for two people but it was sort of an accident. We did order a whole pizza and then left to hang out at home while they made it and they said it would be a while because they had a busy day. About 45 minutes later we went to pick it up and alas! they had forgotten completely to make our pizza! This has happened once before to us at World Pizza, which is kind of unfortunate but they always make up for it nicely. They had about half a potato pizza at the counter and some of a pepperoni so they gave us all they had left and a cookie! So we had even more pizza, enough for me to eat leftovers all week!

world pizza seattle

 Their pizza is amazing, the crust is on the thin side and every kind is so flavorful.

world pizza seattle potato and veggie pepperoni

Have you ever made macarons? What flavors are your favorite?

What is your favorite Chinese food?



Valentines & Galentines

February 26, 2015



I have a bunch of photos today, mostly of food as usual. I’m behind a good two weeks on my blog, photos-wise so I have a lot of catching up to do! It has been really sunny but cold in Seattle lately (well sunny until today…) and I was feeling springy in my steps from the shining sun so I tried to walk outside as much as possible.


My poor plants are dying for the sun (literally!) so this last week was so good for them!

basil plants

 Eager to soak up the rare sun, I took a jaunt to the local Asian market where you can get vegetable and fruit for cheap. True fact: when it’s sunny outside in Seattle, all Seattle-ites feel a sudden strong responsibility to be in the sun so we must plan outdoor activities immediately. My boyfriend from always-sunny California thinks this is so funny because I feel like I can never sit inside if the sun is out, probably because we are all lacking Vitamin D!

fruit bounty

I like to wash my veggies and fruits immediately so they are ready to eat all week, I’m actually not even sure my veggie/fruit rinse works, I just pour some Apple Cider Vinegar in the sink and let them soak for a bit. Do you think it clean them? What do you use?

wash your fruit!

 I know this is a while ago now but this is the package I sent G for V-Day!

valentines day package 2015

A new Spring scent. This candle from Anthropologie is ah-mazing!

sunny day candle

I dropped by the market on Galentines Day (2/13 ) to pick up some tulips for my friend Sulki, whose birthday is Valentines Day! There was a major line at Pike’s Place for tulips, a bunch of men getting flowers for their girlfriends/wives and me….haha!

pike place flowers 2

For Galentines day we had a little girls night set up, take a look at this Martha Stewart-y veggie tray I made!

Party veggie plate

We also made tea time finger sandwiches, cucumber and smoked salmon. The salmon one was delicious!

tea finger sandwiches

smoked salmon and cream cheese tea sandwiches

tea sandwiches salmon and cream cheese

sitting duck

 All the goodies all the table. And yes, those are red velvet oreos!

galentines night spread 1

 I love blueberries! I could eat 5 pounds of them easy, couldn’t you?

galentine spread 3

 While preparing for Galentines night, Sulki and I got hungry (making sandwiches!) so we skidaddled downstairs and found a new restaurant and grocery store had opened, called the Market Hall. It looked like a good spot so we decided to give it a shot (that rhymed!).

the market hall restaurant bar


The Market Hall Restaurant Seattle

 Both of us ordered a hard cider, it was so crisp and tasty. I don’t many alcoholic drinks but I do like cider!

the market hall - hard apple cider

We split a pizza and truffle fries. The pizza was super good, it tasted a lot like traditional Italian pizza!

cheese pizza the market hall

the market hall margherita pizza

 The truffle fries were also delicious.

truffle fries

the market hall margherita pizza and truffle fries

The birthday girl and I

galentines night bffs

Our friend Melissa brought this beautiful cake from Bakery Nouveau. So adorable.

galentines birthday cake

It had a raspberry filling and the frosting tasted a little like cool whip, it was refreshing to not have a cake with overpoweringly sweet frosting!

cake with macarons

galentines cake 3

Of course, T-Swift was played.

tay tay

After munching on some snacks, we hit the town and headed to Zig Zag Cafe on the Harbor Steps for a drink.

zig zag cafe

galentines night drinks

 The rest of the night was spent chatting and sipping on some yummy cocktails. And that concluded Galentines Day!

On Valentines Day I got a package in the mail, a box of chocolates from my lovely BF!

see's candy vday

G did a dangerous thing sending me a whole box of chocolates, he knows I have no self-control when it comes to chocolate!
See's Chocolates Valentines Day

G and I watched a movie via Skype while we each ate our treats, he munched on the white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies I sent him and I stuffed my face happily with See’s candy. Have you ever had See’s lollipops? I love those, especially the vanilla and chocolate ones!

see's candy box

Check back soon for another post! It will last weekend’s visit from my bf and the good Seattle eats that followed!

selfie 2

Have you ever been to an English tea place? I don’t even know how to word that sentence, but I mean when you go drink tea and eat little finger sandwiches and scones! I want to go in Victoria, Canada, the closest English tea to Seattle, I think!

Do you celebrate Galentines Day?

What is your favorite drink (alcoholic or other)? I like drinks with elderflower syrup, hard apple cider, water and green smoothies!




WIAW: Foodie Dreams

December 10, 2014


I am in the process of backing up and then deleting mass amounts of photos from my phone. So I currently can’t even take anymore photos until I delete them since my phone is completely full! I only have a 16 GB phone and about 9 GB of those are photos ha ha.

So instead of posting what I actually ate today, I will post what I wish I was eating today (if I had a never-ending stomach!). In reality I had oatmeal for breakfast, will have Gypsy soup (I made it from the Moosewood cookbook but added kale, just like Reeni does on the blog link) for lunch and dinner too probably, pretty boring!

Homemade fish tacos with homemade slaw

homemade fish tacos

Fish tacos from Barrio

Barrio Seattle fish tacos

Fish n’ chips

Fish n chips

Pike Place Salmon Chowder –Pacific Place Mall (save yourself the line at the market!)

Pike Place Salmon Chowder

The best sushi – Momiji

Momiji Seattle

Pad Thai – Phnom Penh 

pad thai

Mexican food

veggie enchiladas

Na na na na na naan bread!

Garlic Naan Bread

Migas at Portage Bay Cafe

Migas Portage Bay Cafe

 I could eat bagels and cream cheese every single day!

bagel and coffee

Panini at Michou Deli


Quiche at The London Plane

quiche the London plane

World Pizza in Chinatown has taken a pizza my heart!

pizza my heart

The best garlic-almond hummus sans tahini from my awesome granny! I’ll post the recipe next time I make it! The way this hummus makes me feel reminds me of THIS song.

Garlic Almond Hummus

Caesar salad – Hillbottom Pie, Port Townsend

caesar salad Hillbottom Pie

White nectarine

White nectarine

Imported Nutella <3


Molly Moon’s – worth the hype

molly moons

Oh gosh now I am hungry. I hope you drooled as much as I did looking at these pictures!

If you could eat anything in the world right now, what would you eat?

What are you doing this weekend? I am leaving tomorrow to visit my BF in San Francisco! I haven’t seen him in about 4 months so I am very excited, even though it’s just a few days 🙂

Thanks for reading (the few sentences I did have!)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!



Pre-Thanksgiving Recap

December 1, 2014


I just have a quick post today that includes a little grocery trip haul, some of my eats last week and a preview of my Thanksgiving baking adventure! I am too eager to make my Thanksgiving post to add comments to each photo but they are all pretty self-explanatory…Except for one, my new favorite meal which does not photograph well. You’ll know which one I’m talking about when you see it!

MaraNatha Almond Butter




rice cakes




Okay, this looks terrible but it’s actually quite good! First I bake a couple sweet potatoes in the oven, first microwaving them for 5 minutes or so to get a head start and then baking in the oven for like 45 minutes. While those are baking, I make a couple cups of quinoa and then stir fry it with onion, garlic, bell peppers, salt and pepper and whatever you want really. Then I make pesto with basil, olive oil, cashews and garlic (or any other nut including sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds etc!) and mix it with the quinoa, a baked sweet potato and top all that off with a dollop of plain, unsweetened Greek yogurt. It’s pretty healthy, tasty and very filling!

quinoa, sweet tator , pesto mash


My friend and I tried out VeggieGrill, which I believe is only in Seattle (correct me if I’m wrong), and it is so good! As the name suggests, it is all vegetarian and there are a lot of dairy-free and gluten-free options. As a pescatarian, sometimes I just want a burger and this veggie burger below totally satisfied that craving!









Can you guess what I made for Thanksgiving?! (Sorry about the weird spaces above, I can’t seem to figure out how to get rid of it!)


What did YOU make for Thanksgiving dessert?

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I have a list of everyone’s gifts picked out but haven’t pulled the trigger and bought them yet!

Ugh, aren’t Mondays after Thanksgiving the worst?

Thanks for reading!