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December 6, 2014

Kyla's Craft Corner BETTER

My mom  and I love doing crafts together so we settled on attempting homemade snow globes (without the liquid!) like these cute, anthropologie-inspired ones by Whipperberry.

We stopped in at Value Village and it seems that fate wanted us to do this craft too because there were about 6 empty snow globe containers hanging right there in the craft section! What luck!


At Michael’s we found the trees, snow flurries and the little bears.

snow globe 1

However, I tried to use a glue gun to attached them to the rubber globe stopper and the glue wouldn’t stick! Unless I wanted a fallen tree globe, it just would not do!

snow globe 2

We needed super glue but it was late and we were tired so we moved on to something else…but first I created a snowy little Santa scene! Okay, I went a little nuts on the image editor!

santa scene 2


Having realized our momentary snow globe failure, we moved on to make Snowy Chocolate Pine cones, using this tutorial by Handmade Charlotte. They were so easy and fun!

snowy pinecones

 All you need to make these realistic showstoppers is: peanut butter, Nutella, butter, thick pretzel rods, powdered sugar and either Chocolate Fiber One or we used chocolate Toast Crunch (which is terrible tasting by the way!)

pinecones 1

 The instructions are very simple, just mix up the butter, Nutella, PB and powdered sugar, mold the mixture around a pretzel rod (ours were really long rods so we broke them in half) and  stick the cereal in, scattered, like a real pine cone. Then just dust with powdered sugar and that’s it! Our cones were pretty delicate so try to really push the cereal in.

pinecones 2

pinecones 3

pinecones 4

pincones 5

Have you done any holiday crafts?

Thanks for reading!



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